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There is something seriously wrong with my server, I can only write over nfs at 5 MB/s. Local writes rarely break 35 MB/s. I've tried disabling sync but to no avail. So… I'm afraid I'm going to have to dump Solaris for Linux and part of that is re-arranging my drives.

As a stop-gap measure I want to run Solaris in a virtual machine, and I want my LSI 2008 controller to be pci passed through, so I had to move my rpool from one controller to the LSI.

Like everything Solaris, this was harder than it should have been. Solaris 11 does not have failsafe mode so all of the awesome howto's only apply to Solaris 10.

# boot to single user mode via grub
kernel$ ... -s
# can't boot, can't find rpool

# boot with solaris cd, thankfuly my motherboard is awesome and I
# can redirect an iso into a virtual cdrom via ipmi

zpool import rpool
# error, previously mounted on other host (or something like that)

zpool import -f rpool
zpool status
# very different disk ids

# success!
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Installing Virtualbox 4.1.6 on Solaris 11 Express hung my machine and even prevented it rebooting successfully. I suspect a faulty kernel module. Thankfully I have auto-snapshots running and could rollback my rpool after booting from the install cd.

This was a truly miserable experience as my Solaris-Fu is much weaker than my Linux-Fu.

  • Boot from install dvd
  • zfs rollback rpool@thismorning
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Building my file sever was a nightmare. Various issues in no particular order.

  • VirtualBox causes Solaris host to “pause”
  • KVM crashes Linux host when trying to passthrough LSI scsi controller
  • ESXI uses a lot of ram
  • ESXI requires windows client
  • mysql doesn't work through nis (owner permissions)
  • setting up a useful solaris zone is a lot of work
  • xen can't create any vm. XenUnifiedLookupByName error
  • rebooting takes several minutes
  • ipmi continual ends the session after 60 seconds
  • console redirect doesn't always capture F-keys
  • VMWare guest machines can't boot off of passed through hardware
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