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I opened an issue on GitHub several months ago against the awesome fabio asking for a simple feature. To help foster community and contributors (I assume) the maintainer showed me the file to edit.

The problem, and why I ignored it for several months, was that I don't know Go. The patch itself is crazy simple, just editing an html template. The problem is the Go environment. How do you build, how do you test, etc…

Anyhow… today was the day I'd tackle this… what could go wrong?

  • initially edited the file and built it on OSX no problem
  • but how test?
  • clone my forked repo on linux
  • try build
  • errors, wtf?
  • googling and shit, golang too old
  • running fedora 24, currently 29
  • used to love fedora, no longer love fedora for exactly this reason
  • dnf system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=29
  • downloads lots of schmoo but then fails on pgp repo key or similar
  • fine dnf system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=26
  • downloads lots of schmoo but seems to work fine, reboot
  • astute readers may see the problem
  • version 26 and 29 install at the same time
  • grub is gone, may be unrelated but whatevs, I still hate computers
  • use rescue boot to install grub and start booting (takes a few tries)
  • cloud-init tries to start, I don't use cloud-init
  • keeps trying forever, hangs
  • boot single user mode, disable cloud-init stuff
  • reboot, hangs up on ssh server but then continues
  • no network, but can login to console
  • manually connect to network, don't forget about resolv.conf
  • fart around a lot with trying to get system to completely Fedora 29
  • dnf --refresh upgrade -y --allowerasing --best finally works
  • reboot, still no networking
  • lots more farting around, oh yeah, NetworkManager sucks
  • disable NetworkManager
  • enable networking, Failed to enable unit: Unit file network.service does not exist.
  • more googling, dnf install network-scripts -y
  • reboot, I haz internetz!
  • wtf was I doing all this? oh yeah, 30 byte patch to fabio
  • go build, go: command not found
  • OMFG Cthulhu take me now!
  • dnf install golang, wow, that's a lot of perl getting installed…
  • go build, holy hell it builds
  • can't run because no consul on this machine
  • run ansible against machine
  • ansible never ran against Fedora before, need to change some RedHat checks
  • fabio patch worked on the first try several hours later

And this sort of shit happens pretty much daily.

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