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I recently got one of the new mac mini's because it can finally run dual monitors. Yay Apple. Anyhow, this Time Machine thing sounded pretty cool so I kept trying to figure out how to get it to backup to my network drive but nothing seemed to work.

I read many a web page but nothing seemed to work. However, I did get it working thanks to a bit of info from each of the following sites:

FYI: you have to manually ''eject'' your backup volume if you ever start Time Machine.

So here's how you ''really'' do it:

  1. make a sparse file locally
  2. copy it to your network drive
  3. start time machine

or with some details:

  1. make sure you've got a mounted network drive
  2. open up terminal
  3. defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1
  4. make sure you're in your home directory (you have to create the sparse file locally)
  5. ifconfig en0|grep ether, to get your mac address, ignore the colons in future commands
  6. hostname, to get your host name
  7. sudo hdiutil create -size 50g -type SPARSEBUNDLE -fs HFS+J -volname Backups 'your hostname'_'your macaddr' to make a 50 gigabyte backup “drive”. Note the underscore between hostname and macaddr
  8. sudo mv 'your hostname'_'your macaddr'.sparsebundle /Volumes/'your network mount'/
  9. optional: touch /Volumes/'your network mount'/.com.apple.timemachine.supported
  10. start Time Machine
  11. pick your network mount, supply a password, get backing up
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