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Every article I've ever read about technical debt always talks about how technical debt was a deliberate choice to get a product out the door quicker. In over fifteen years of professional development I've never, ever, seen that choice being taken on purpose. I have seen absolute horror shows of a code base brought on by:

  1. developers of questionable experience
  2. developers of questionable skill
  3. developers of questionable passion
  4. developers of questionable taste

Don't get me wrong, I've written stuff and been happy and proud of it but then six months later when I know more and understand the problem better I'm, to say the least, no longer proud of said code.

My point is, lets get off our high horse and stop pretending that shitty code was a choice called technical debt and own up to the fact that once upon a time the royal we wrote some crap and it's time to fix it.

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