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The Sandy Bridge reviews sure paint a nice picture for this new cpu. I'm currently leaning towards the i5-2400 or the i7-2600 if I'm feeling rich. The K series are unacceptable since they don't support VT-d.

However, unless the platform can do the following I won't be buying it.

I want to use a discreet video card and the on-chip video card simultaneously. I want to run my htpc in a virtual machine and “give” either of the cards to it via pci passthrough. By having the htpc own the card it should have great performance and if I break X on either the host or the htpc guest I just have to flip the input on my receiver and continue on my way.

Since I currently use kvm and not xen, kvm will need to be upgraded to support display pci passthrough. The guest will need to be full screen of course, Spice may be required.

So hopefully Fedora 15 will be able to handle all that.

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tangsoft @ April 9, 2011 wrote... (11 years, 9 months ago)

i like your idea on htpc linux & vm.

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