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I'll cut to the chase, those that read the comic and liked it will love this movie, everybody else won't.


  • remarkably faithful to the graphic novel
  • action scenes are very good
  • Dr. Manhattan is pretty cool
  • the preview for Wolverine looks freakin' awesome


  • remarkably faithful to the graphic novel
    • read the comic, didn't like it either
  • I like my super heroes to have super powers (Batman is an exception)
    • the Watchmen do have unrealistic super strength and ninja skills

The movie very long, 2:45 hours. The action scenes are good but they're about half an hour apart, so in almost 3 hours there's like 6 good scenes. Not a good ratio.

I get that Watchmen is a character driven story but in movie format you don't need to have the flashbacks of every single character. Losing the whole Daddy backstory would have shaved off at least 45 minutes of self indulgent mental masturbation and not detracted from the main plot line at all.

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