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I'll cut to the chase, the dragon is freakin amazing!

The rest of the film is pretty good too. Really good actually. As the books get longer more stuff needs to be cut out which is a shame, but for a movie that weighs in at 2.5 hours they certainly didn't pinch their pennies.

Lets see. Didn't see much of Draco which suits me fine. That kid is a bad actor and his smarmy little character makes me want to hurt people. There seemed to be a lot less whining in this movie. I'm sure the next one will make up for it though.

I have a theory about Prisoner of Azkaban. They (the students) almost never wore robes, but instead wore muggle clothing. My theory is that Hermione is turning into a little hottie but you (the director) can't hide her in an ambiguous robe, you gotta put her in tight jeans. This movie? The ball scene. That's all I'm saying.

Speaking of hotties, I was a little disappointed with Fleur. In the book she's supposed to be the most beautiful girl ever, but the actress is merely above average. Maybe that's the best they could find in England though. Ha! Just kidding, after having been to England several times I can assure everyone that their ladies are as fine as they come.

You'd never know that Voldemort is played by English Patient guy.

Special thanks to Kendra and Google. She invited me and they paid. I wish I worked for Google. And had stock options from a year ago…

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