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If you haven't been following up on some of the criminal negligence going on in New Orleans by FEMA and the current administration then you should find out some of the things going on.

Here are some good sites:

To whet your appetite some things I've read:

  • FEMA not allowing Red Cross in
  • FEMA not allowing a news radio station to be setup despite FCC license
  • FEMA not allowing medical ship with desalination plant into New Orleans
  • FEMA cutting the emergency phones lines of a church
  • FEMA not allowing a small army of civilian fan boats in to rescue people
  • FEMA turning back 8 trucks of bottled water from Walmart
  • FEMA not allowing refugees to cook in church donated cabins
  • FEMA restricting the press from taking pictures
  • FEMA director is a friend of G.W. Bush
  • FEMA director was fired from previous job for running company into ground
  • an Army boat jamming HAM and AM/FM radio waves

but it's not just FEMA…

  • beatings and rapes and murders in the Superdome
  • refugess shooting at helicopters and boats, preventing them from coming back
  • people setting up fake websites for “donations”

Without wanting to sound like a tinfoil hat wearing individual, it does seem like FEMA is going out of its way to screw people over and let them die.

I can't wait for Michael Moores next movie.

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