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I was the last to speak at my step mom's funeral, this was my tribute…

A person wears many hats during the course of their life. I believe that Golda wore many more than the average person.

I suppose the first hat that Golda wore (from my four year old perspective) was that of Daddy's friend. I was four at the time. In reality Golda was wearing a jugglers hat. I knew, as all children seem to know, that I would get more slack when it came to misbehaving. Much to my chagrin but Golda's credit, my behavior didn't improve much for at least a few years. About 20. 25. During all this time Golda conducted herself with the grace and dignity we all know her for, while maintaining the ability to keep my sister and I on respectable leash.

There was never any politicking or passive aggressive comments which you so often hear of about step mothers. That type of behavior was far beneath her.

So Golda juggled these two new (and very ungrateful at the time) kids, a new relationship, plus all the other things an overly active (some might say slightly abnormally) active person needs to deal with.

Fortunately as I matured (25 years) so did Golda and my relationship. I found myself learning what everybody else seem to know, Golda was an absolute fountain of knowledge and useful advice. WORK RELATIONSHIPS, ETIQUETTE, AND DECORATING (getting samples)

Since girls mature faster, Erika and Golda already had a good relationship, and if anybody had any doubt of that it was put to rest upon the arrival of Golda's first grandchild.

Aiden adores Grandma Golda but that is nothing compared to the love that Golda held for her grandson. In fact, Golda couldn't even wait for Aiden to be born, she flew out to Winnipeg on Aidens due date in the middle of a Winnipeg February (and I think we all know how much Golda liked Winnipeg in winter) just to support Erika and the new arrival. Unfortunately the new arrival was a little late, little trouble maker that he was Aiden didn't show up for another two weeks on Feb 29th. But that didn't stop Golda from…

Another hat was that of chef. Golda laid a good spread. I will miss her roast lamb, I know that I will never have as good again. Golda had the unfathomable ability to deliver half a dozen dishes, fished, hot, cooked through but not burnt all at the same time. I have trouble synchronizing ketchup, mustard and a boiling wiener.

My most cherished hat that Golda wore was that of local mom. A few years ago Golda asked me, quite humbly, if she could refer to me as her son. I was surprised that she would ask such a thing, since it was evident to all that she had been since (at the minimum) I moved out to Calgary almost ten years ago.

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