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I thought I learned my lesson years ago but good lord did I over pack for this trip. I think because I was going on a “working vacation” I tricked myself into bringing too many what-ifs and nice-to-haves.

So here's what I brought with a secondary column for should-have-brought.

Some context for how/why I packed what I did.

  • was planning a two month trip, very flexible, no real plans
  • packed in anticipation of staying in AirBnBs for extended periods
  • was also “working” for most of the trip
  • it was really really hot when I left, late summer weather

tl;dr – bag was way too heavy and checked baggage is no good

  • main bag was 15 kg / 33 lbs
  • day bag was ~7 kg / 15 lbs

Trip itinerary ended up being:

  • fly Calgary to Winnipeg, spend night in Winnipeg at sisters
  • fly from Winnipeg to London
  • two nights in London, England
  • fly from London to Helsinki
  • two nights in Helsinki, Finland
  • ferry from Helsinki to Tallin
  • three nights in Tallin, Estonia
  • ferry back to Finland, train to Tampere
  • 14 nights in Tampere, Finland
  • train to Helsinki, fly to Croatia
  • 5 nights on cruise from Dubrovnik to Split
  • two nights in Split
  • fly from Split to London, London to Toronto, Toronto to Calgary

So without further ado, here's my packing list:

Item Took Required Notes
travel backpack 1 0 Deuter Traveller 70+10. A really nice bag but it's too big and heavy for me. And I put too much stuff in it. The detachable daybag turned out to be very useful for grocery shopping and daytrips (basically anytime not carrying laptop). On this particular trip a rolling suitcase would have almost always worked.
small backpack 1 1 Vanquest Trident. Great bag if a bit heavy and small. Required for laptop.
underwear 8 ~5 mostly nylon, all “small”, 1 or 2 fewer would have been fine
ankle socks 4 4 super tiny, I just grabbed a handful, new favourite thing
real socks 3 4 3 blue pair, could have used a brown pair once
swimsuit 1 1 pretty much required
shorts 2 1 grey and brown, didn’t need the brown pair
pants 1 1 took brown nylon convertibles, they totally tent in the crotch, don’t take this pair again.
jeans 1 1 these are the “stretch” jeans
t-shirts 6 4 if laundry available 4 is plenty
long sleeve cotton 1 1 if colder this would have been nice, don’t think I wore it though
long sleeve nylon 1 ~0 never worn but nice if colder or sunnier
long sleeve button up 1 1 carried in daybag, nice as “light jacket”, doesn’t take up much room
long sleeve linen 1 ~0 never worn, “nice” shirt
short sleeve button 1 1 “nice” black shirt, wore a few times
pyjamas (top & btm) 1 ~0 enjoyed having them in Tampere, easy to omit
hoodie 1 1 love this light weight hoodie
warm jacket 1 ~1 never worn but could have been vital later in trip
light shoes 1 1 wore every day
runners 1 0 wore a few times, didn’t have to, wore when hiking to bus station
sandals 1 ~0 didn’t even wear in Croatia
laptop 1 ~0 loved having it, if not working trip not required (obviously)
phone 1 1 having internet for google maps is amazing
kindle 1 1 vital
tablet 1 ~0 would take laptop before this, surprisingly heavy, “required” on WestJet planes
15’ hdmi cable 1 ~1 loved having this in Tampere apartment to watch Netflix from laptop. hdmi stick next time? Never used to make tv a second monitor.
usb cables 1 1 having extension cables was handy
bluetooth speaker 1 ~0 nice to have, not too heavy
bluetooth mouse 1 ~0 nice to have on longer work trip, can play games easier with it
long iphone cable 1 0 I just charged my phone in the morning with laptop
short iphone cable 1 1 a medium length would be nicer
electrical adapter 1 2 I bought one and extension cord for Tampere, more because of apartment layout
1-to-3 elec. adapter 1 1 very useful in Tampere
watch 1 1 required on travel days, less so on activity days
laptop extension cord 1 1 used in several locations, plug placement is problematic
umbrella 1 ~1 used once, may have used a bunch
shoulder strap 1 0 stupid considering bag is a very heavy backpack
bandana 1 ~0 never used
beach sarong 1 ~0 used as extra window covering on Croatia cruise
baseball cap 1 ~1 used a bunch in Croatia after swimming, nice in sun actually
eye cover 1 1 used a few times in Tampere and planes, light enough to be required
noise cancelling headphones 1 1 almost required for plane, used a few other times
bluetooth headphones 1 1 never used but small enough to be a no brainer
first aid kit 1 ~1 only used 2 pills, I need to reconsider this
shaver 1 1 annoying to pack, extra annoying to need charging cord
beard trimmer 1 1 annoying to pack, extra annoying to need charging cord
grey shaving kit 1 1 between this and first aid kit I bring way to much personal grooming / safety products


packing cubes contents
big pants and bathing suit
big long sleeved shirts
medium t-shirts rolled up (5 can fit)
medium underwear and socks
medium pajamas
small electrical gear
shaving kit
emergency kit
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