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I bought a new house!


I call it Espresso! Not really.

Actually it's a very old house but new to me. Espresso is a little 842 sqr/ft house built in 1910, it's a few blocks from the river and about 1.5km from downtown so that means I can walk to work.

I'll be putting a bathroom in the basement and doing some very minor upgrades, but as you can see the house is damn nice and requires very little work.

I take possession on May 15'07 and it looks like I'll live through some renos again. At least this time it will only be in part of the house I won't be trying to live in.

Here's what it looks like.


Front. The house is not black but a dark brown, espresso coloured




Living Room, from entrance

Dining room, from the kitchen

Sitting area and front window, from living room

Upstairs room, will become my office

Built in, upstairs room

Downstairs bedroom from stairs, will become the master

Backyard looking north

Backyard and house

Single car garage

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