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If you want to randomly change the wallpaper on mac osx you can use the built-in functionality. However, if you want to pick an image from a subdirectory you need to use this little script.

Download the script desktop_changer.py and save it to ~/bin/.

I followed the instructions on this page: http://www.davidlanier.com/story/cron-and-launchctl-on-mac-os-x-105-leopard.

Put local.desktop_changer.plist in ~/Library/LaunchAgents. Note, you'll have to edit line 12 and put the correct path in.

Make the following file: /Users/<your username>/.launchd.conf

load /Users/<your username>/Libary/LaunchAgents/local.desktop_changer.plist

Make sure everything is working by:

python desktop_changer.py

If you get an error about appscript you need need to install it via:

sudo easy_install appscript

Note, you'll probably have to lock down file permissions via:

chmod 644 Library/LaunchAgents/local.desktop_changer.plist
chmod 644 .launchd.conf
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