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The curl manpage isn't super clear on this, but to read from stdin you need to prepend the dash with a @.

json_producer | curl -d @- -H 'Content-Type: application/json' http://example.com/json_consumer
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You should always use the logging module instead of just littering print statements all over your code. You will very quickly thank yourself for taking a bit of extra time.

Having said that, setting up logging is a bit of a pain so here's the pattern I use 90% of the time.


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Uploading to Minio (or S3) in a script is a bit tricky.

Update: now on GitHub with some Python versions.


# usage: ./minio-upload my-bucket my-file.zip


s3_key='secret key'
s3_secret='secret token'

date=`date -R`
signature=`echo -en ${_signature} | openssl sha1 -hmac ${s3_secret} -binary | base64`

curl -v -X PUT -T "${file}" \
          -H "Host: $host" \
          -H "Date: ${date}" \
          -H "Content-Type: ${content_type}" \
          -H "Authorization: AWS ${s3_key}:${signature}" \
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I highly doubt I've invented something new, but I did independently invent it, so I have that going for me, which is nice. Plus I'm stitching together lots of great open source pieces which we all have going for us.

Anyhow, this is kind of difficult to explain. And complicated… with lots of moving parts… but is super useful once you get it to work.

As high level as possible, when I do a git push, another machine reloads new configuration files. And notifies me. All within a second.


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I really want to like Kivy

I was trying to asyncronously load comic book images out of a cbr file (a rar archive) but was having a hell of a time figuring it out.


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Alkali v0.5.5 has now escaped.

Code at github.com and docs at readthedocs.org.

Major features are:

  • adding BoolField
  • adding CSVStorage, load/save csv files
  • queries are bit more efficient/fast, don't copy as many objects by default
  • some doc cleanups
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You can now nicely render markdown in your console/terminal with ConsoleMD in glorious color.

Note the subtlety changing hues of the subtopics, the brilliance of auto-incrementing list counters, the dulcet notes of the embedded python, the elegant italics of the block quote. ConsoleMD has it all! At least with regards to my small test files.

Code is on github.com

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Alkali v0.5.4 has now escaped.

Code at github.com and docs at readthedocs.org.

Major features are:

  • implemented Query.distinct
  • implemented Query.annotate
  • implemented Query.aggregate functions: Sum, Count, Min, Max
  • Fields are now descriptors on Model instance
  • added ForeignKey field
  • models now cascade delete when ForeignKey instance is deleted
  • minor speed ups
  • IntField now has auto_increment property
  • Query returns copies of Model instances
  • added signals on model creation/deleting/saving/etc
  • better documentation
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I had a hell of a time trying to make a nice help command while using click.

I wanted the ability to have a help sub-command for each real command.

mycommand --help
mycommand help

mycommand foo --help
mycommand help foo

It's actually fairly easy (once you know how).


def cli(ctx, **kw):

def foo(ctx):

@click.argument('topic', default=None, required=False, nargs=1 )
def help(ctx, topic, **kw):
    if topic is None:
        print ctx.parent.get_help()
        print cli.commands[topic].get_help(ctx)
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So it turns out I hadn't updated my Fedora installation for over two years (protip: don't run Fedora on a server kids) so I did a quick series of upgrades and went from Fedora 21 to Fedora 25.

Unfortunately that means that my PostgreSQL database was at version 9.3 but the installed software was version 9.5.

So can you upgrade from 9.3 to 9.5? No. But it's not impossible either.


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