Review – Watchmen

I’ll cut to the chase, those that read the comic and liked it will love this movie, everybody else won’t.


Review – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I’ll cut to the chase, the dragon is freakin amazing!

The rest of the film is pretty good too. Really good actually. As the books get longer more stuff needs to be cut out which is a shame, but for a movie that weighs in at 2.5 hours they certainly didn’t pinch their pennies.

Review – Crash

I’ll cut to the chase, painful but good.

Before we get into the movie, this isn’t the 1996 movie where people have sex at the sites of car accidents. That would just be wierd.

I’ll add more later, but this is a very good movie, about racism, reverse racism, good people doing bad things, and bad people that aren’t all bad.

Review – Serenity

I’ll cut to the chase, this movie is awesome.


Review – Brothers Grimm

I’ll cut to the chase, this movie sucks.